Śnieżka Annual Report 2022

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The sales performance in the period January-December 2022 on the main markets:

In 2022, the Śnieżka Group generated sales revenue of PLN 791,686 thousand. The consolidated performance was positively affected by higher sales on the Polish market, which has a dominant share in the Group’s total revenues. Negatively – lower sales on the Hungarian (as for PLN, an increase was recorded in the local currency) and Ukrainian markets.

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Consolidated net revenues from sales of products:

Obtaining comparable year-on-year revenues of the Group was also possible owing to a properly shaped marketing and sales strategy as well as pricing policy. It assumes i.a. maintaining a balance between keeping market shares and realized margins.

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Carbon footprint

FFiL Śnieżka SA recorded a decrease in the carbon footprint in the scope 1 compared to the base year 2020. In 2022, this decrease was -46% y/y. This is the result of reducing fuel consumption, including natural gas.

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How we create value